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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:58:46

This training program is designed to prepare the operators for technological gas-burning devices working for companies that use gas for technological purposes.

The workers of specialized profile (operators) are needed at the companies to work with exploitation of gas-burning devices.

The operators learn to correctly and safety manage and supervise various technological gas-burning devices (baking, glass melting, bitumen heating furnace, asphalt concrete production units, etc.).

The gas-burning devices operator training program is designed to train the persons, who have completed the initial preparation for locksmith qualification (PK).

The theoretical part of the training planned for this program is 76 hours, while the practical skills are developed in 40 hours.

To the persons, who have learned the material of this program and passed the exam, the nationally recognized training program completion certificates are issued, code 3106.

The persons having the completion certificates, can work as the operators for technological gas-burning devices in any company that has technological gas-burning devices.

After completing this training program, a person will know:

The purpose, construction and working principles of the technological devices of gas systems (piping, gas regulation point, gas devices, control measuring devices and other).
the requirements of the regulatory documents for exploitation of gas devices and order of works’ implementation.
the technologies for works of gas device management and exploitation (technical maintenance, measurements, diagnostics of failure and repairment).
the actions in case of dangerous (extreme) situations (gas leakage, fire,
occupational and fire safety, implementation of dangerous works with gas, electric safety, workplace hygiene requirements.

After finishing the training program a person will be able to:

correctly and safely perform management and exploitation works of gas devices.
correctly apply the instructions for technological works.
correctly use the devices control-measuring.
correctly use individual protective measures and keep them in good condition.
give first aid in case of various health damage cases (in case of suffocation by gas or poisoning by combustion products, in case of a burn, electrification and other), perform artificial respiration and external heart massage.