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SDG activities

Patalpinta: 2015-03-09 09:41:26

The consultation company SDG (Safe work guarantee) was established in 2002 and in two years became a real partner of Lithuanian work safety companies, by consulting and training company leaders and employees in the field of working safely.

From 2011 the company has been growing into a group of companies – JSC “SDG” (consulting and training) , JSC “SDG code” (work clothes and personal protection equipment sales), JSC “SDG group” (company management) JSC “SDG Academy” (driving training), JSC “SDG construction” (construction services), non profit organization “Saugi Pradžia“ (social projects, support) , consulting companies in Estonia - OÜ „Ohutu Töö Garant“ and Latvia SIA „Droša darba garants“.

The services of the consulting company ‘SDG’ are remarkable due to high intellectual requirements for the employees and wide engineering perspective. 98 percent of employees from 180 employees have gained higher education. The services we provide need excellent understanding of legislation and its application to companies.

“Success is the derivate of effort! The result of less mistakes made is evident. The activity implemented at the start began from 2 services and today the company provides over 250 services. The risk always is and will be high. And if we think how to decrease it, we would never launch new products. We rely on the qualification of employees, education, intellectual abilities and creativity, and this is the reason why we trust the creation of new services to them.” (Eduardas Jasas, president of SDG company group)