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Occupational risk assessment

Patalpinta: 2015-03-09 09:29:50

JSC ‘SDG’ has been providing occupational risk assessment services since 2004. In order to develop these services, the Risks Department that employs specialists with all required qualifications and competencies was established. .

Before starting the risk assessment, firs of all the general information about the company, number of employees and positions, works performed, work equipment used, safety data sheets, emergencies, occupational illnesses is collected. Then, using this information and the information collected in the workplaces, the risk factors are identified and the Occupational Risks Assessment Works Plan is prepared. Due to the fact that the risks must be evaluated in all workplaces, the plan must be prepared in such a way that all workplaces and all occupational risks factors are included, the works of risk assessment are indicated, the risks assessment objects are mentioned as well as the terms of active implementation and responsible persons. The plan must be confirmed by the employer or his authorized person.

During the risks investigation, the actual dimensions, the duration of the risks factors and causes resulting in the emerging of risks are indentified. The physical risk factors of the workplace (lighting, air temperature, air movement speed, relative air humidity, noise, vibration, electromagnetic fields), chemical risk factors of the work environment (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust) research is done by the JSC „SDG" accredited laboratory. The investigations of the ergonomic, psychosocial, physical risks factors is done by the JSC „SDG" competent specialists.

Risk Identification

In the stage of risk identification, the risks investigation results are analyzed, the risk is identified and a decision is made regarding the acceptability of risks. The risk is identified by comparing the data of risk analysis and risks measuring to the set sizes and limit values stated in the norms of Lithuanian hygiene and other Legislations, with regard to caused danger, extent of possible damage to health and the probability of it, the duration of the affecting risk factors, their qualities and personal safety measures in use.

After identifying the risk and making a decision regarding the risk acceptability, the occupational risk assessment card is completed.

After completing the assessment of occupational risk and indicating the risk acceptability in the workplaces, the JSC „SDG“ specialists prepare the plan for the occupational risk factors reduction and/or elimintation.