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Patalpinta: 2015-03-09 09:31:07

JSC ‘SDG’ Physical and chemical testing laboratory has been accredited by the National Accreditation Office since 24th August 2011 to perform residential and public environment (lighting and heating environment, acoustic noise, vibration and electromagnetic radiation) testing.

On 12th of August in 2016 the Laboratory renewed the accreditation areas according to the LST EN ISO/17025:2005 and has been newly accredited for the testing of acoustic parameters of buildings.

Lighting of workplaces, residential and public buildings

  • The illumination of natural lighting;
  • Natural illumination coefficient;
  • The illumination of artificial lighting.

Microclimate of workplaces, rooms of residential and public buildings

  • Air temperature;
  • Air particles movement speed;
  • Relative humidity of air.

Acoustic noise in the workplace, residential and public buildings as well as in their environment.

  • Selection of measurement location;
  • Equivalent constant sound pressure level;
  • Peak sound pressure level;
  • Highest temporal weighted and frequency weighted sound pressure level;
  • Sound pressure level 1/1 and 1/3 of the octave ranges.

Vibration in the workplaces (hand and entire human body affecting vibration) in buildings for residential and public purposes (vibration affecting entire human body)

  • Vibration acceleration;
  • Vibration acceleration in octave frequencies.

Electromagnetic field at workplaces

  • The intensity of electric field;
  • The intensity of magnetic field;
  • The density of magnetic flux.

JSC 'SDG' physical and chemical research laboratory carries out these these tests of chemical parameters factors:

  • Dust concentration in the workplace environment;
  • Carbon monoxide concentration in the workplace environment;
  • Carbon dioxide concentration in the workplace environment.

Testing of acoustic parameters of a building (sound class indication of a building and its parts)

  • In the block of flats;
  • Building for healthcare purposes
  • Building for science purposes
  • Building for hotel purposes
  • Building for guest housing purposes