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Fire and Civil Safety

Patalpinta: 2015-03-09 09:32:37

Ensuring the fire safety condition control

In order to ensure the fire safety condition control, we perform these functions:

  • preparation and correction of the local fire safety legislations;
  • control of the maintenance of active fire safety measures in a company;
  • control of the maintenance of initial fire extinquishing devices;
  • control of employees instructing order regarding the fire safety issues;
  • control of employees training and certification in the area of fire safety;
  • control if the evacuation roads and exits are in good order;
  • participating in the government fire rescue process for officers, when a technical testing of an object in order to prevent fire is performed.

Fire safety audits

JSC ‘SDG’ specialists check and present the conclusions evaluating whether the current fire safety situation complies with the requirements of the Legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

  • we analyze the current fire safety condition during audit and inform the company leaders about the noticed flaws in the company and any discrepancies regarding the requirements of the Legislations of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • we submit the noticed breaches in writing included in the report of the performed audit;
  • we give suggestions how to eliminate indicated flaws.

Consulting on the matters of fire safety

JSC ‘SDG’ specialists with long-term work experience consult on fire safety issues in accordance with valid Legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

During consultations:

  • we consult company leaders on the matters of fire safety;
  • we give suggestions for solving related issues.

Civil Safety

The leaders of entities and other institutions are responsible for the state of preparation regarding civil safety in a managed object.

According to the regulating civil safety legislation, we prepare:

  • emergency prevention plans regarding the hazardous objects;
  • internal emergency plans regarding the hazardous objects;
  • safety reports regarding the hazardous objects;
  • management plans of extreme situations;
  • risk management analysis of possible dangers and extreme situations;
  • plans of preventive measures for extreme situations.

SDG Fire and Civil Safety specialists:

  • work with civil training and carry out practice in entities and other institutions;
  • perform the functions of an employee who is responsible for civil safety in entities and other institutions.