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Occupational healthcare

Patalpinta: 2015-03-09 09:28:32

Occupational healthcare

According to the model regulations of employees’ health and safety institutions, we provide all services of occupational health specialist and workplace medical doctor in companies:

  • monitor the condition of employees’ health by paying attention to the work process;
  • organize first aid;
  • participate in the investigation of emergencies and occupational illnesses in a workplace and analyze their causes;
  • consult on the matters of employees’ health safety, work process application to the employees’ abilities and personal safety measures usage;
  • organize training about healthy lifestyle;
  • prepare programs for employees’ health improvement and organize their implementation;
  • carry out health examination of employees as a preventive measure;
  • consult the employees working in occupational risk conditions and (or) environment with affecting hazardous factors.

Occupational illnesses investigation

The workplace medical doctors of JSC ‘SDG’ provide occupational illnesses investigation and causes analysis service::

  • recognize occupational illnesses, analyze them and diagnose;
  • represent personal and company interests in the Central Labor Medicine Expert Commission (CDMEK).

Development of the training, consulting, improvement of employees health programs

The program for employees’ health improvement is concluded individually for each organization, with regard to preferences and work specifics:

  • we evaluate the physical, emotional, psychological state and the level of stress of employees;
  • we motivate the employees to care for their health;
  • we teach to take part in healthy lifestyle properly.

we are oriented towards three main areas:

  • encouragement to be physically active;
  • sustainable nutrition promotion;
  • stress management.