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Industrial Safety

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Implementation of employees‘ health and safety institution (OHS) functions

While implementing the JSC “SDG” mission, which is to improve the safety and health of employees in companies, we aim to provide versatile professional information regarding the matters of safety and health of employees.

The specialists of the JSC “SDG”, whose education and competence fits the set qualification requirements, constantly watch the changes of the market and legislation acts, and this is the reason why they accurately identify the needs of clients and react quickly in response to them, seeking to fulfill the client’s expectations.

We perform these functions of employees’ health and safety institution (OHS):

  • participate in the work inspection organized by the Sate Labour inspectorate, prepare responses to the requirements;
  • consult on the accidents at work, prevention of occupational illnesses and other employees’ health and safety and fire safety matters;
  • inform about the newly accepted legislation acts and their changes, regulating employees’ health and safety, work relations, fire safety;
  • we prepare/renew local industry legislation acts regarding employees’ health and safety in a company;
  • control whether the employees are instructed in the health and safety matters on time;
  • organize training in health and safety matters;
  • based on the job positions and performed works, conclude lists of potencially hazardous factors that are included in the personal medical books and that are used for periodical health examinations for employees;
  • organize health examinations of employees;
  • conclude the lists of employees who are in need of mandatory health examinations;
  • organize First Aid training;
  • consult on the selection and purchasing of personal safety measures, collective safety measures, safety and health signs;
  • organize and coordinate the identification and assessment of occupational risk;
  • carry out the control of the implementation of the plan for occupational risk reduction and elimination measures;
  • participate while performing an investigation of accidents at work, to/from work and occupational illnesses, analyze their causes and circumstances.

Audits of employees safety and health

The specialists of the JSC 'SDG' check and submit the outcomes of the question whether the current situation of the employees‘ safety and health in a company fulfills the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

  • during the audit we analyze the current condition of employees‘ safety and health and provide information to the health specialists about the existing flaws and discrepancies in the company with relation to the requirements of legislation acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • in the report of the performed audit we provide the noticed breaches, in written form;
  • we submit proposals with suggestions how to eliminate the noticed flaws.

Consultations on the matters of employees‘ safety and health

The JSC „SDG“ specialists, experts having long-term work experience in the field of employees‘ safety and health, consult on the matters of employees‘ safety and health, according to the valid legislation acts ot the Republic of Lithuania.

During the consultations:

  • we consult the leaders of company, specialists of employees‘ safety and health on the matters of employees‘ safety and health;
  • submit proposals how to solve emerging problems.

Consultations while investigating accidents

The JSC 'SDG' specialists consult on the matters of the accidents investigation.

During the consultations we:

  • consult on explaining the circumstances of an accident;
  • consult on indicating the causes of an accident;
  • advise on completing and coding the acts of accidents of N-1 (in the workplace) and N-2 (from/to work);
  • specify which other documents are needed for the accident investigation;
  • submit proposals for the plan conclusion of the preventive measures.


We can:

1. Identify the need of necessary documents for the Employees‘ safety and health (DSS) system installation based on the conditions of company activity, the number of working employees and used equipment.

2. Prepare the DSS documentation that would consist of:

  • A set of orders (for the documents being prepared and required according to the regulatory acts);
  • The election module for the employees‘ safety and health representative;
  • Preparation of employees health and safety instructions, employment instructing and employer‘s certification order who perform hazardous works;
  • Preparation of fire safety instructions, order of employees instructing;
  • Employees‘ safety and health service documents;
  • Regulations for working order;
  • The module of employees‘ safety and health committee regulatios;
  • Employees’ safety and health instructions (printed, as slides, videos, etc.);
  • Regulations of the technical commission for fire protection;
  • Fire safety instructions for protection from fire and performance of works with fire;
  • Employees’ action plan in case of fire;
  • Projects of employees’ staff regulations (position describtions);
  • A list of employees working in the environment of occupational risk factors that require a medical examination in advance and a periodical medical examination according to the ordinance No. 301 confirmed by the Ministry of Health of The Republic of Lithuania;
  • The selection module of personal protection measures for employees (order, forms of risks, the list, data cards);
  • Documents according to the letters by the Chief State Labour Inspector;
  • Evacuation plans.

3. Prepare the documents for checking order of ladders, scaffolding, racks.

4. Prepare the module of Labour council elections, the project of Collective agreement and other documents.

5. Prepare a memo of fire safety requirements (accommodation facilities, etc.) and other memos for visitors, customers (for example: travelling by a carriage, using a fireplace, swimming pool memos).

Audits of employees safety and heatlh

JSC ‘SDG’ specialists check and submit the outcomes that state whether the situation of the company employees’ safety and health meets the requirements of the legislation acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

  • during the audit we analyze the current state of the employees’ safety and health and indicate the flaws to the company leaders, employees’ safety and health specialists with regard to a mismatch to the requirements of the legislation acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • in the report of the performed audit we submit the noticed breaches in writing;
  • we offer suggestions for eliminating identified shortcomings.


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