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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:13:46

This training program is made for the initial training of a motor loader driver.

A motor loader is a special car with an internal combustion engine (carburettor or diesel), that has a built-in mechanism for load lifting.  The moto loaders are used in various territories of companies for the loads to be transported, loaded, unloaded, stored. They are also used for ground digging, levelling, drilling and welfare maintenance works with a particular changeable working device.

There is a possibility for the ones who hold a driver’s licence for a motor loader to work in various companies.

The persons able to train (men and women) must be not younger than 18 years old and having a B category driver’s licence or a qualification of a mechanic. The training program consists of a theoretical and a practical part of training. The training gets 60 hours, 6 hours of them are devoted to practical tasks with a motor loader.

The practical skills of work are gained when driving a motor loader and performing various loading, ground digging and welfare works depending on the purpose of the working device.

After completing the training, a test of knowledge is performed in the form of a qualification exam. This test consists of two parts: a practical testing of knowledge in a company (at the end of production training) and theoretical exam-interview. The theoretical exam is taken from the special technology subjects and occupational safety. The recognition of materials, technical mechanics and electronics are the preparatory subjects, while the knowledge of economics and labour law topics are only cognitive.

Once the exams are successfully passed, the certificate of professional training (4102) is issued, which allows to work as a motor loader driver.