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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:50:38

The training program is made to train a broad profile lift man who would be able to independently check the operation of lifts, turn on and maintain working lifts, transport passengers or loads by lifts.

Due to the intensive ongoing construction, new hotels and other buildings are built where lift attendants are needed, therefore a greater need for lift men is notices, with requirement that they would be able to maintain such lifts and transport passengers, also, the need for lift men remains present in industry, sales or other companies, where lifts are used to transport loads. This is the reason why these persons must gain relevant qualification in a training institution.

The purpose of the program – to professionally train, according to the technology, to maintain lifts using safe working methods, to ensure safe use of lifts and safety of people using lifts.

The training program consists of theoretical and practical training parts. The theoretical training is carried out in training office, which has been equipped with technical teaching tools for broad profile lift men training.

Practical training is carried out according to the contracts concluded for the supervised lifts by the specialized companies that perform maintenance.

The training duration is 4 weeks (160 hours). After learning the whole theoretical part of the training program, and completing the practical training tasks planned for the practical part of training, the persons in training must take the final exam, which consists of a theory test and a practical task. In order to check the theoretical knowledge a test is prepared or exam tickets with questions covering all types of activities involved in the training program.