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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:35:01

In the industrial companies and other organizations flammable gases and oxygen is widely used for economic purposes, which means it is used for cutting metal, metal soldering, metal welding, thermal processing of metal using gases and oxygen, for gaseous radiator usage. The construction of devices and control is not complicated, but according to the valid health and safety regulations of training, instructing and attestation of employees and the requirements of regulations for liquefied petroleum gas installations exploitation, a trained and certified worker must be assigned to supervise them.

The purpose of the program – to train and prepare a supervisor, who would safely use flammable gases and oxygen for economic purposes in a company.

The training program has been designed for persons, who have gained higher education or higher technical education. Only those persons, who are 18 years old or older, can be trained.

The program consists of theoretical training and a practical task must be prepared in the end of this course. During the theoretical training the persons in training get to know about flammable gases and oxygen uses for economic purposes, how the  necessary equipment works, the requirements for safe exploitation and supervision of them, are taught about the documentation that needs to be completed.

The practical task is completed by the trainees when the theoretical training is completed, based on the topics given by the training institution. The written practical task report must be submitted until the attestation date to the training institution.

The training duration is 2 weeks (54 hours). After the trainees have listened to all the theoretical course, completed the practical task, they take the final theory exam. To the ones who successfully pass, the nationally recognized certificate (code 3106) and the attestation certificate is issued.