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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:30:56

The training program of refiller-repairer is available for workers no younger than 18 years of age, who have gained a not lower than third category of the same activity area and have submitted the health check outcome with a written proof of the ability to work as an oxygen tank refiller – repairer.

The training program consists of 56 hours: 16 theoretical and 40 practical training hours.

The persons in training analyse the requirements of pressure vessels instalment and regulations of safe exploiting, get to know the devices used for refilling oxygen tanks, the devices for control measuring, oxygen tank construction, regulations for tank collection, delivery and rejection.

The oxygen tank refiller -repairer must know:

  • The making and characteristics of oxygen.
  • The control measuring devices and protective measures.
  • The construction of oxygen tanks.
  • The requirements for instalment of pressure vessels and safe exploitation.
  • The requirements for work safety, fire safety, electric safety.

The oxygen tank refiller – repairer must know how to:

  • collect, distribute, reject, repair oxygen tanks;
  • refill oxygen tanks;
  • turn on and off the cylinder filling ramp;
  • use control measurement devices;
  • Laikytis darbų saugos, elektrosaugos, priešgaisrinės saugos reikalavimų./ comply with the requirements of occupational, electric, fire safety.

To the persons who have successfully completed the training program, the training certificate is issued (code 3106) together with the attestation certificate.