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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:43:50

The purpose of this training program is to prepare a logger who knows the organization of logging works and is able to professionally and safely cut trees, trim branches, rationally cut the trees.

The duration of training – 6 weeks (238 hours). The training is organized combining theretical and practical learning in such a way that the theoretical knowledge would be supplemented by the practical skills.

In the theoretical sessions the trainees get to know the main dendrology and general forestry basics, the flaws of wood, classification of timber, forest maintenance, sanitarian and fire safety basics and the organization of tree cutting works, crossing, branch trimming equipment and cutting technologies.

Most of the training program structure is devoted to practical learning, which is carried out in the practice field of a training institution (part 1) and future employer basis (part 2, compulsory). During the practical training in the practice field and birch the future loggers are trained to use safe work methods and gain the main skills of organizing forest cutting works and practical work.

After finishing the training course, the trainees take the qualification exam and are certified in the topic of issue solving, during which the theoretical knowledge and practical professional skills are assessed and the qualification of a logger is given, the professional training diploma (code 4102) is issued to them together with the attestation certificate that gives the right to work as loggers.