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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:53:17

The training program for electric and has metal welder and cutter covers these areas of activity:

  • Hand-welded field welding using coated electrodes (code according to ISO 4063-111). The welding process description is based on the ISO 857 standard.
  • Gas welding based on the ISO 4063-311 standard. The process is defined according to the ISO 857 standard.
  • Metal cutting using gas.
  • The training program for electric and gas metal welder and cutter covers a wider scope of welding works. After completion of this training, welders benefit from better work skills. Lots of attention in the training program is devoted to the quality of welding works, and this is the reason why the LST procedure is used for the descriptions of welding procedures.

In the training program, especially practical training part, lots of time is devoted to learning skills according to the requirements of the LST EN-287-1 “assessment of welding qualification. Fusion welding part I. Steels” standard.

The training program is designed for the persons who have gained general education and are 18 years old and do not have health issues that would prevent from performing welding works.

The duration of training is 18 weeks (720 hours). Most of the training time is devoted to practical training (more than 70 per cent).

After learning the whole training program material, the training is finalized by taking the qualification exam, during which the knowledge and practical skills of the trainees are checked. The practical welding skills of the trainees are assessed by applying the requirements of the LST EN ISO 5817 standard, and the skills of trainees to cut megal using gas are assessed by general gas quality requirements for metal cutting.

The persons who successfully pass the qualification exam, gain the qualifications of an electric welder using conductive electrodes coated by hand, a gas metal welder and cutter. These persons get the nationally recognized professional training diploma (code 4102) and the certificate according to the LST EN 287-1 of welder qualification testing.

The gained qualification will give to the persons in training a possibility to work in various construction sites, where the works of welding and metal cutting by gas are implemented, and these persons can seek higher qualification and improve their skills further.