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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:17:39

The training program for portable gas cylinder replacer is for those persons, who are no younger than 18 years old. The persons, who complete this training program, can work as replacers for portable gas cylinders.

A portable gas cylinder replacer must know the requirements for the rooms, where the portable gas cylinders are stored, and the requirements for the cylinders as well.

A portable gas cylinder replacer must be able to correctly collect and store portable gas cylinders, to check the airtightness of cylinders, explain to the buyers how to use them correctly, how to properly behave in case of a gas leakage or fire.

The persons, who have completed this training program, are familiar with the requirements of fire safety for gas economy and liquefied

To the persons, who have completed this program, the nationally recognized certificates of program completion (code 3106) are issued, together with attestation certificates.