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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:39:53

At the moment, in Lithuania, the number of works that involves loading – unloading is increasing, due to the expanding logistics centers, trading bases and terminals. Various types and constructions of loaders are used for the mechanization of works. The loaders can be often noticed also at the production workshops and their territories, when loading and unloading trucks.

A loader – is a special car with an internal combustion or electric engine, used for lifting and/or transporting various loads. The internal combustion engines can work by using petrol, diesel or gaseous fuel.

This training program is made to prepare the drivers of loaders, who are able to work with various types of loaders, which is very important for companies and the drivers themselves, and this serves as a way of making sure there is a selection of various works.

The training system on offer is consistent: the training is started from easy tasks and later on moved onto more complex tasks…

The purpose – to teach safe performance of loading, transporting and storing various loads.

The methodology of the training program – integrated learning, which lets the persons learn theoretical subjects related to practical training. The content of training gets more complex gradually, and lots of attention is devoted to the forming the practical skills. 

During the time of training the persons learn the knowledge about the maintenance of loaders, used materials, equipment and loading-unloading the loads when working with transportation means, racks and their transportation.

After completing this training program, a person will be able to apply the gained knowledge for practical situations. In addition, this will help him get established in the constantly changing labour market.  

The duration of training – 236 hours (6 weeks). The training program consists of the theoretical part – 85 hours, practical training – 31 hours and production practice – 120 hours.

The final knowledge testing is done in the form of a qualification exam. This exam consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.  

The professional training diploma 4102 is issued to the persons, who have completed this program and passed the qualification exam.