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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:12:39

The training program is made to prepare the managers of work at heights, who would be able to organize safe works at height, by using necessary measures to ensure the safety of the works and workers. Aiming to reach these goals, the managers of the work at height in the territorial meetings are taught about the duties of the manager and his rights, the hazardous and risk factors, psychological and physiological factors, affecting a human being in height, also taught about organizing the works when using the mountaineering equipment, safety measures,

The training duration is 36 hours. The practical training is not planned for this program.

The program is completed by the final exam. The person who completes gets the right to manage works in height.

After completing the training program of works in height manager, the training can be continued in the direction of higher education in construction studies.

The works in height manager training program is made for persons of at least 18 years old and having completed a program of higher technical education.

The certificate (code 3106) that gives the right to manage works in height is issued to the persons who pass the exam.