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The training program for the operator of automated boilers fired with gas and liquid fuel

Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 11:34:22

This training program is designed to train the operators of vapor (up to 16,0 t/per hour) and water heating (up to 115°C in temperature) boilers fired with gas and liquid fuel. The operators perform constant and periodical boiler maintenance based on the exploitation instruction provided by the industrial boiler manufacturer. Boilers are brought to work using automated devices between periodical maintenance works.

Only those workers who are no younger than 18 years old, can learn to maintain automated boilers, with condition that they have no lower than the third category of worker qualification. The trainees get familiar with the exploitation instructions provided by an industrial boiler manufacturer, the rules of vapor and water heating boiler installation and safe exploitation, temporary requirements of the regulations for gas industry safety,  are introduced to additional equipment of automated boilers, control measurement devices, safety, control and automation devices, their purposes and working principles.

The maintenance of automated vapor and water heating boilers is analysed while these boilers are brought to work, the requirements and characteristics of stable boiler and its additional equipment work. The trainees are introduced to the testing process of boilers and their additional equipment, documentation of a boiler room and its handling.