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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:14:57

In the companies of the Republic of Lithuania, organizations and construction objects a wide range of various types and parameters of truck cranes is used. The boom cranes of up to 1 ton load capacity with installed arrow mechanisms for change and / or turning as well as the equipment related to them is classified as potentially dangerous equipment, and the work with them can be dangerous. When using truck cranes, due to a lack of organizational means and violations of safety regulations of crane handling, accidents happen. In most cases, riggers become the victims of such accidents.

The truck cranes are registered at the IPC State Registry Office and a compulsory supervision of technical condition by an authorized institution is assigned to this type of crane. The employees managing this type of cranes must be trained and certified at the training institutions.

This training program is available for persons no younger than 18 years of age, who have gained the general education, have the C category driving license and medical certificate that proves the suitability for this work position. 

The purpose of this training – to prepare a truck crane operator who is would have specialist knowledge about truck cranes, their types, construction, management, protective devices, employees’ safety and health requirements, would be able to control truck cranes, safely lift loads, carry out construction mounting works.

The training program consists of the theoretical training and practical training at the base of a company that uses truck cranes. This program implements the planned training duration of 400 hours. The theoretical part of the training takes 144 hours, the practical part of the training at a company takes 240 hours.

To the persons, who have completed the training program and successfully passed the qualification exams, a professional training diploma (code 4102) is issued, which grants the right to work as a truck crane operator.