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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:14:21

At the companies that repair vehicles’ lifts for cars are installed. These are the lifting devices that are designed for lifting cars. There are two or four system lifts with electric or hydraulic gear. These lifting devices are not classified as dangerous, that are listed and confirmed by the Government by the regulation no. 1073 on the 26th of August in 2004.

In the general regulations of using work devices it is required that such devices would be controlled by trained persons (car lift operators).

This designed  car lift operator training program – is the previous program of level one, improved by evaluating new requirements for the job market of professional training programs and is applicable for the professional training in the job market. Its purpose – to prepare a car lift operator, who would understand the construction of such lifting devices, their working principles, would be able to control them, know the safety regulations of these devices together with the dangerous actions of risk and ways to prevent the risk.

The program has 32 hours planned as the program duration, while 4 of these hours are devoted to practical training in a workplace (workshop, car service), which is taught by the profession mentor.

To the persons who have completed the training and have been certified, the professional training certificate is issued (code 3106) and the attestation certificate is given, which gives the right to work as a car lift operator.