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The employer’s, employer representative’s training in health and safety of employees’ issue solving program

Patalpinta: 2017-09-06 06:52:17

The duration of the training program – no less than 8 academic hours.

The purpose of the training program – to introduce the employers, the companies representing employers, the leaders of institutions, organizations or other organizational structures (further – companies) leaders, separate structural divisions of companies, established in other than the company territory or location, the leaders with the regulations and requirements of the regulatory legislation acts of the general employees’ safety and health, in order to provide safe and non-harmful to health working conditions for the employees before starting to exploit a company and provide services.  

The persons, who have completed the training program, are granted the right to check their knowledge in employees’ safety and health at the State Labour Inspectorate to the Ministry of Social Security and Labour (VDI).