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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:17:09

The purpose of the training program is to introduce the trainees to the dangers that can be encountered when working in height, to the principles of organizing safe work in height, needed measures used to ensure work safety and the safety of the workers, to the rules of safe work performance, to the mountaineering elements and regulations in case of performing works on temporary and unstable constructions (surfaces). During the construction and repair works it can be necessary to use a different types of ladders, to install various platform measures to reach higher objects (scaffolding, slabs). The requirements for the scaffolding to be mounted and de-mounted by trained workers are impacted by the abroad companies that produce and supply them.

The duration of the training program: theory – 36 hours; practice – 4 hours.

The training program is made for persons who have gained the general basic education and hold a medical note about the medical condition, which allows to work in height. The program can be applied together with the training programs providing a professional qualification, when the persons are taught a particular construction profession (for example: mason, installer, roofing worker, etc.)

The persons who have completed this training program must take an exam, which is given by the examination commission gathered by the leader of the training institutions.

The certificate, which gives the right to perform works in height (code 3106) and the certificate of attestation is issued to the ones who pass the exam.