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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:35:44

The purpose of the program – to prepare the drivers of the electric loaders and carts that are able to safety transport and store loads. The program is made for the high school graduates that have reached the age of 18 years old and have passed the medical examination.

The driver’s qualification of electric loaders and carts is given to the persons who complete this program.

Due to the intensifying production and ongoing movement of goods, the use of small mechanisms gets greater significance for loading/unloading, transportation of loads and storage works.

The electric loaders and carts are meant to be used for transportation and storage of loads in closed indoor rooms.

By mastering this program, the apprentices get to know the principles of working and the structure of the electric loaders and cart mechanisms, learn to technically maintain the mechanisms of electric loaders and carts, to safely manage and store loads.

The duration of the training is 168 hours (88 hours for practice).

The qualification exam consists of: theoretical knowledge assessment – at the training institution, and a practical knowledge assessment – at a production organization.

To the persons who have passed the exam, a professional training diploma (4102) of a driver for electric loaders and carts is issued.

The drivers of electric loaders and carts can be employed by the production companies, in logistics centers.