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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:40:52

This training program is designed to prepare the load riggers, workers able to use rigging cranes for load lifting, able to independently rig, maintain load cross-overs using cranes, properly give signals to the employee working with cranes, perform safe loading works, know how to assess the risky factors in the crane working area.

The rigger training program is designed for the persons, who perform work related to the use of lifting cranes.

Cranes are used in construction, companies, harbours, railways and many other industry sectors. In the work market there is a huge need for workers able to work with lifting cranes. The works of load rigging are performed by many specialists of construction positions: masonry, concrete builders, installers, roof builders, plumbers, welfare workers and others.

These works are performed also by the workers of logistics: transport companies, customs, airports, shipping companies. A lot of work is done in metal and wood processing enterprises. It can be stated that it is difficult to find a bigger company that would not make use of lifting equipment and where rigging works would not be performed.

Work with cranes is classified as dangerous and for this reason these works can be performed only by prepared specially trained workers. Due to the inability to properly perform these works, lots of accidents happen and emergencies occur.

 Gained competencies:

  •  Ability to assess crane safety
  •  The skills of making the right choices and assessment of rigging equipment
  •  The skills required for implementation of loading works
  •  Ability to work safely

The basis of education, needed for training is the completed general education program (a worker qualification is a bonus). The total 64 hours of training duration consists of theoretical (40 hours) and practical (24 hours) training.

Those persons who successfully pass the final exam, receive the final decision of the examination board that gives a right to work as a rigger and an issued certificate (3106) together with the attestation certificate.

Those who have completed this program, are able to work in all companies that involve performed load lifting works by cranes.