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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:42:00

The purpose of the program – to professionally train according to the technology stated by the manufacturer, to maintain and repair cableways using safe working methods, ensure safe handling of them and safety and health of the persons who use them.

Due to rapidly rising popularity of tourism, enterntainment and recreation organization business, new buildings for enterntainment are built, among those the mountain skiing tracks are included, where the ski lifts are installed, this is why the need for employees able to professionally maintain and repair cableways.

This program is designed to train cableway electromechanics who would be able to independently check the cableways in use and if these are in good condition to be used, perform their technical maintenance.

The purpose of this training program – to give general technical and special knowledge to the cableway electromechanical technicians in training that are needed for proper use of cableways, their repair and to ensure good safety and health conditions of the workers working with cableways.

The training program consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical training is carried out in the training institution, where media and technical learning tools are provided for training electromechanical technicians. The practical training is carried out in companies that use cableways and can provide the conditions for the trainees to be introduced to devices used and their working principles.

The planned training duration is 5 weeks (200 hours). After learning the theoretical training part and completing the practical tasks, the trainees take the final exam, which covers the topics of both theoretical and practical issues. A test is prepared to check the knowledge or the exam tickets are concluded from the training program material.

To the persons who pass the exam, the certificates of attestation and professional training completion are issued (code 3106), which gives the qualification of cableway electromechanical technician.