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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:44:15

The purpose of the training program for tree, bush and branch feller in protected zones – to prepare an employee, who would be able to professionally and safety cut trees and bushes, trim branches using motor saw, brushcutter or branch trimmer. The works mentioned are carried out in the protected zones. For example: the safety zones of electric network, communication lines, sanitarian road zones and alike.  

This training program was designed to replace the previous ‘Motor saw operator’ (national code 1524234) training program.

The training program has been expanded and adjusted to the dangerous works and applied when cutting single trees, bushes and branches, and performing wood loading and removing works in a non-mechanized way.

This training program is available to those persons who are 18 years old of age or more, have cheched their health and have gained the qualification of no less than the 3rd category of the main profession.

The duration of training is 3 weeks (114 hours). The theoretical part gets 34 hours, while the practical training part is given 80 hours.

Once this training program is completed successfully, the trainees will be able to work as tree, bush and branch fellers in protected zones and safely cut trees, bushes and branches, exploit cutting equipment.

After completing this training program, a feller will know about:

  • the fundamentals of the cutting equipment construction in use, technical parameters and the main purpose.
  • the signs of cutting equipment failures, ways of elimination.
  • trees, bushes, branches felling technology.
  • Safe organization of works and work technology techniques for various situations.
  • Requirements for workers of safety zones of electricity transmitions, communication lines, transport roads in the mentioned zones or close to them.

After completing the training program, a feller will be able to:

  • Use additional means and tools for tree felling.
  • Apply safe working methods and technologies for felling trees, branches and bushes, tackling the roots of trunks and cutting them and paring of stems.
  • Comply with the fire safety requirements.
  • Give first aid to victims in case of an accident.