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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:51:34

The qualification of a gantry crane operator is available only for those persons, who have gained the tower crane operator qualification.

This program, devoted to gantry crane operator training, is intended for those persons who have gained general education only.

The duration of this training program is 15 weeks.

The purpose of the program is to provide specialist knowledge about the gantry crane construction, its devices, technical maintenance of this crane, implementation of related works: to develop practical crane maintenance, technical supervision and control skills, as this means aiming to achieve that the students, mastered the training course, would be ready to independently perform the crane operator duties and gain gantry crane operator qualification.

The content of this training program consists of both theoretical and practical training. The theoretical training (280) provides an opportunity for the students to be introduced to the gantry crane construction, its devices and their purposes, operation, as they learn the technical supervision of the gantry crane and get to know the controls.

During the practical training, which takes more than a half of the total training time (304 hours), the prospective gantry crane operators learn to control the gantry crane with a load, perform loading works.

Once the qualification is gained, the gantry crane operator can control a gantry crane, while performing loading works from ships, railway wagons, auto transport and warehouses: to load the loads into stacks and undo them, re-load the loads using a gantry crane with a grab, spreader, freight electromagnet for loading and other detachable load compartment devices, provide technical supervision for gantry cranes and participate in the repair works.

A gantry crane operator, prepared upon this training program, can be employed at the harbours of rivers or seas and companies that exploit gantry cranes.

The training is ended by a qualification exam, during which the knowledge and the practical skills of gantry crane control of students are checked and assessed. The ones who pass both the theoretical and practical qualification exams successfully, are given a diploma of the gantry crane operator and a certificate of professional training is issued (4102) together with the attestation certificate.