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The training program in mandatory hygiene skills

Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:50:17

The training in mandatory hygiene skills is implemented according to the ordinance no. V - 69 released on the 28th of January in 2008 and confirmed by the minister of the health of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the ‘confirmation of the mandatory first aid training program, mandatory hygiene skills training program and mandatory training in damage to human health done by alcohol and drugs program’.

The training is mandatory for those employees, who are involved in activities related to:

  • handling and delivery of food products and catering (for the employees of companies working with food products, their additives, making of stock, fishing, sales, supply, transportation, storage and catering, including: stewardesses, public transport attendants, cooks and their assistants, employees of product storage and buffet companies);
  • the services of accommodation and other (non-catering) services (to the employees of dormitories, hotels, guest houses, foster homes and care institutions for children and adults, bed and breakfast, rural tourism homesteads and other businesses, related to accommodation and providing care at home, saunas, swimming pools and other companies providing healthy living services);
  • the work of employees of formal and informal education and teaching institutions (pre-school teaching, formal and informal education, institutions of qualification improvement, psychological and pedagogical services); for the employees of formal and informal education and learning institutions (pre-school education, formal and informal education, institutions for qualification improvement, schools, psychological and pedagogical support services);
  • water supply;
  • possible occupational risks (for the ones working in hazardous environment and performing dangerous work);
  • poisonous substances.
  • the employees working in water supply;