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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:52:29

In the companies of the Lithuanian Republic, organizations, construction objects there are various types and parameters of mobile lifting platforms for work (JPDP). These platforms are classified as potentially dangerous devices, under the category of KR-02, due to the fact that they are used for lifting people to perform works at height. While using a JPDP, due to a lack of organizational means and violation of safety requirements, accidents happen. In most cases, the workers working on top of the mobile platform or inside the basket become the victims of such workplace accidents.

The JPDPs are registered at the registry of governmental institution for potentially dangerous devices and according to the regulations of these devices, the supervision of technical condition is compulsory, which must be provided by authorized institutions.

This training program is designed to train the operators of self-propelled mobile lifting platforms, mounted on a vehicle (further referred to as ‘self-propelled lifting devices’).

This training program is available for persons no younger than 18 years old, who have gained general education, have a valid driving license of C category and can submit a medical certificate proving the suitability for this position.

The purpose of this training is to prepare the operator of self-propelled lifting devices, who would have specialist knowledge about these devices, their types, construction, controls, safety equipment, employees’ safety and health requirements, be able to control, safely lift people and loads, while carrying out construction, repair, mounting and other industry works in height.

This training program consists of the theoretical training at a training institution and practical training at the base of a company that uses self-propelled lifting devices. The program duration is 280 hours, of which 108 hours are devoted to the theoretical training and the practical training at a company takes 160 hours.

The persons who complete the training program and successfully pass the qualification exams get an issued professional training diploma (4102) and an attestation certificate that gives the right to work as a self-propelled platform crane operator.