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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:58:12

The training program is designed to prepare the persons for the type of work related to management works in underground constructions, tanks, confined spaces, who would be able to organize these works safely, while knowing how to work in increased risk conditions. Workers gain the necessary preparation while learning these subjects:

  • The legal basics of workplace activities
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Wells, underground construction, tanks and containers
  • Organization of tasks and safe performance in underground construction, tanks and containers
  • Environmental safety
  • Practical training

The requirement of having gained at least technical education is applied to trainees. The persons who perform these works are the plumbing specialists and the staff serving the sewage system, telecommunication specialists working in various tanks and storage rooms. These works are classified as dangerous and it is required that these works would be carried out only by prepared and certified workers. They often need to accomplish tasks in extreme situations, to use the methods of emergency works. It can be needed to apply various rescue measures. The statistics of accidents and emergencies proves that 30% of accidents happen due to improper organization of work. This is the reason why it is especially important to prepare certified supervisors, who would ensure safe implementation of dangerous works. Having the purpose of improving the quality of training in mind, the assessment of the practical task is carried out accordingly.

A person who gains the competencies is able to:

  • to realise and know how to use the knowledge of occupational law
  • to know how to assess occupational risks
  • to be able to identify dangerous and hazardous factors
  • to know about safe installation of workplaces
  • to know about wells, other underground tanks and built objects
  • to know how to use the gained knowledge while actively involved in action at work
  • to know and be able to organize the process of carrying out work safely
  • to know about performance of works in higher risk danger zones
  • to know how to choose the means for hazardous materials’ control and signalizing, personal safety equipment, evaluate their relevance
  • to know the requirements of environmental protection

The basic type of education needed to gain this qualification is the higher technical education.

The duration of training and the scope of program:

  • Training duration – 1 week (40 hours).
  • Theoretical training – 32 hours.
  • Practical training – 4 hours.

After the completion of the training, the qualification enables the person: to work in wells and other underground constructions, confined spaces as the supervisor of the works that are carried out there.

To the persons, who have passed the exam, the right to work in wells and other underground constructions, confined spaces as the supervisor of the works that are carried out there, is given by the examination board and the certificate of the required form (3106) is issued together with the attestation certificate.