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Patalpinta: 2016-06-23 12:28:16

The purpose of the training program – to prepare qualified gas welders, who would be able to carry out gas welding works safely and produce good quality, according to the handbook of defects’ quality levels LSTEN ISO 5817 while welding and repairing production made of non alloy steels that are used for welding of production of various purposes.

The training program is made for the persons who have gained general education and are 18 years old or older and do not have health problems that would prevent from implementing gas welding works.

The training duration is 11 weeks, which is 440 hours. Most of the training (over 60 per cent) is devoted to practical learning.

After listening to the whole training course of this program, the training is finalized by taking the qualification exam, during which the trainees’ knowledge and practical skills are tested.  The practical skills of the trainees are assessed according to the requirements of the LST EN ISO 5817 standard. 

The gas welding training program is designed to reach its goal – to develop these competencies of the trainees:

  • reading the welding-mounting schemes for works;
  • using gas welding equipment;
  • choosing the needed materials for welding together with selecting the modes of welding.
  • carrying out quality gas welding works.
  • working safely.

The persons who successfully pass the qualification exam get the qualification of gas welder and receive the nationally recognized professional training diploma (code 3106) together with the attestation certificate. The gained qualification enables the persons in training to work in various construction and industry companies that carry out gas welding works. They can continue the training further and seek higher qualification according to the requirements of the LSTEN 287-1 standard.