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Patalpinta: 2016-06-07 08:57:40

Training program is for electric welders who carry out welding works manualy in the arc way using melting coated electrode for training. According to the LST EN 24063:1997 standard this welding process is marked – 111. In the international practice the abbreviation of this process is widely used – MMAW (manual metal-arct welding). This training program covers welding of angles and joints of low-alloyed steel plates and tubes from low-angle and low-alloy steel in varous positions in space.

Manual electrical welding in the arc way using coated electrodes has been widely adapted in the industrial sector of the country. Lots of time and materials is saved during various welding works. This way of joining metal has many benefits compared to other ways of joining metal constructions together.

The modified training program for electric welder covers welding of piping joints in addition to the basic topics, and also introduces to the descriptions of welding procedures (SPA).

The purpose of this training program – is to prepare an electric welder by the professional market training standards at the certified training institutions, who would be able to produce quality welding in the arc way using coated electrodes for boards and flat-bottomed and low-angle piping, low-alloyed steel angles and joints in various space positions.

During the training, especially in the practical part, losts of time is devoted to gaining skills and learning upon the requirements of the ‘LST EN-287-1: Testing the qualification of welders. Fusion welding part I, of the year 2004’ standard.

The modified program for electric welders is prepared for those persons who have gained general education and are 18 years of age and do not have any health problems that would prevent from performing welding works.

The training duration is 11.5 weeks which is 456 hours. Most of the training time (over 70 per cent) is given to practical learning.

After listening to the whole training program course, the training is finalized by taking the qualification exam, during which the trainees’ knowledge is tested together with their practical skills. The practical trainees’ ability to weld is assessed according to the requirements of the LST EN ISO 5817 standard.

The persons who successfully pass the qualification exam get the qualification of an electric welder working in the arc way using coated electrodes and receives the nationally recognized professional training diploma (code 4102) and an attestation certificate.

The gained qualification will give an opportunity to work in various companies that implement electric welding works of the arc way using coated electrodes, to engage in individual work activities, as well as these trained persons will be able to train further and seek higher qualification, meaning that they could get qualification confirmation upon the LST EN 287-1 standard.